Towing service

You had a car accident or your car stopped?

If you have had an accident with your vehicle or if your car has stopped on the road due to a breakdown, we are here to help you pick up your vehicle of any make, during and outside working hours and on weekends.

Contact us - call us, and we will send a towing service to pick up your car as soon as possible, our employee will receive your car and place it in our fenced service yard, in a safe place that is additionally under constant surveillance by the Security Service.

Proceedings after vehicle collection

After the damage assessment procedure and the police inspection report, we are at your service and assistance until the compensation is paid, and free of charge for all vehicles repaired in our car service, whether it is car bodywork, car painting, car mechanic or electrical work.

We are at your disposal for any further activities related to damage assessment and mediation with insurance companies.

Leave these jobs to us because we have a great experience with them. We cooperate with all insurance companies and deal with paperwork.

We pay special attention to craftsmanship – the quality of the repair and the agreed repair time, so that your car is like new again and so that you can get it back as soon as possible because we know that you need it every day.

Contact us with confidence, we are here for you!

Looking for the right place for your car?

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We are the Autohrvatska Pula service, we ensure the highest quality in everything we do.

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