Car diagnostics

Technical workshop solves your car problem

Did you get an error message on your car's control panel or suspect that your vehicle is not working properly?

Then you are welcome to our service workshop where we have the necessary equipment to diagnose and solve car problems and where our specially trained system technicians are ready to help you.

In our workshop you get a thorough, competent and professional solution to problems in personal and light delivery vehicles, and therefore avoid the frustration of not knowing the cause of the problem.

In many cases, the problem with your car is in a completely different place than originally thought, and since newer cars today are like computers, it is not always easy to detect the actual problem.

We eliminate your doubts – we make it easier for you to leave your car in our workshop and pick it up after we discover and solve the problem.

Do you want to book an appointment to solve the problem with your car? Contact us by phone or e-mail. You are also welcome to contact us directly on 052 223 852 if you want an informal conversation about a problem you notice in your car.

If the problem in your car requires correction, we will contact you first before we do anything with it.

Our main focus is top quality and service, and our most important task is to provide you with the best experience as you drive out of our workshop after your car is repaired.

That’s why we always contact you if we find that repairs are needed while solving problems in your car. This way, you will always be sure that you will get complete transparency and that you will therefore avoid unforeseen and frustrating bills.

In addition, after servicing your vehicle in our workshop, ask for a warranty for your car of a more recent date.

Contact us and tell us about the error you notice on your car and about the problem you want to solve.

Inspection before technical inspection

In the car service Autohrvatska Pula, we also offer you the service of inspecting your vehicle before its mandatory technical inspection, in order to check for possible difficulties in its operation so that they are eliminated and that your vehicle passes the technical inspection.

Our inspection of your vehicle will allow you to detect in time possible problems that could lead to your vehicle not passing the technical inspection, which would be an unnecessary source of frustration. Once we determine if your vehicle needs repairs, we will immediately notify you of the required actions and their cost. We offer these repairs at affordable prices and with a guarantee of quality.

Contact us with confidence, and ensure a successful technical inspection of your vehicle.

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