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Air conditioning in your car stopped working?

Auto center Autohrvatska Pula has very experienced air conditioning experts who can repair your air conditioner with a long-lasting effect.

Whether there is a leak problem, a pollen filter or airflow problem, a problem with your car’s heating system, or any other problem with the air conditioner or fan, we will help you effectively diagnose the problem and resolve it.

Feel free to contact us so that our specialist can inspect the air conditioning of your car.

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Servicing your car's air conditioner

The air conditioner cools the air temperature in your car and helps filter out pollen, pollutants and bacteria in the air. The AC system works like a regular refrigerator – the air is cooled by cooling gas and the cooled air circulates through the car.

The coolant used by the system should be checked regularly, and the coolant should be drained and refilled at regular intervals. Most manufacturers recommend refilling every two years.

There are several indicators that indicate that your car’s air conditioner needs servicing:

– If the car is not cooling even though the air conditioner is set to cool

– If the car windows are fogged

– If you smell moisture during air conditioning operation

Our car center offers air conditioning service for all car brands. Servicing is performed by qualified professionals in accordance with the car manufacturer’s guidelines. If we find additional problems during the inspection of the air conditioning system, we will advise you on the recommended repairs and undertake them only if you approve of them.

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